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The Garage

  • 07/04/2017

This is the bit I have been looking forward to the least.

The garage is full of stuff so I could not afford for it to be exposed to the weather for any time at all.

The drawings utilise the existing garage wall as the lower part of the inner leaf and a steel beam to be installed to for the support for the outer leaf.

In order for me to continue building the blockwork upwards I needed to take off a part of the garage roof to expose the brickwork.

This sounds easy but the garage is a flat GRP roof that slopes backwards towards where I am working, this means that any rain that falls is going to run down towards the open roof and into the garage so I better work quickly and pick my day.

First I removed the door & frame in order to make the door central and create a support pier

New blockwork completed and door reinstalled

In goes the lintel and the roof is off

Here you see the padstone in place for the steel to support the outer leaf

What I have done to stop water running into the garage is buy some torch on felt and apply it to the GRP roof and create a dam. So far it seems to work pretty well.