Tree Butchery Courtesy of my Neighbour.

  • 10/12/2016

So, it’s no secret that my neighbour has not taken the fact we’re having an extension very well. After giving me some planning advice which I rejected as it would not work for us.

He’s turned from being an alright bloke that I used to get on with, into a bit of a tosser.

I wont go into the issues here save one.

I went away for the weekend for my good mate Dan Bunce’s stag do in Brighton, and Carley went off to her mum’s for the duration with Daisy.

For one reason or another Ashley and I came home early on the Saturday afternoon, and whilst we were travelling up the M23 I get a text from my belligerent neighbour telling me he’s knocked my ladders over (they were resting against my fence) whilst carrying through some “clippings”.

I wasn’t sure what clipping he’d been doing as he doesn’t actually have any trees in his garden but I left it at that for now to see for myself when I get home.

We get back to mine and after a cuppa I decide to go out and sort the fallen ladders out and make sure they haven’t smashed anything on the way down, which luckily enough they hadn’t.

When I tun around to go back into my house, I notice THIS:

I mean come on, really?! What a hatchet job.

Obviously the chainsaw mad gardener next door thought that this was the best course of action to take, perhaps in protest of my extension?! Who knows.


Now bear in mind my neighbour is a landscape gardener by trade, I would have thought that he might have done a better job than this.

After the initial shock had subsided, upon reflection, I don’t actually give a shit about this. The tree will still look just as nice from my side, it’s his view that is going to look bloody awful. Well done pal!